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Non-Profit Promoting the American Artisanal Small Business Economy


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All New American

Silent Auction and Fundraiser

When: Saturday, December 2, 2017, 1pm-5pm

Where: Makery Coworking - New Milford, CT

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Featured American Small Business

This week’s American small business and brand is represented by one man and a sewing machine. Please meet Todd Hancock the artisan behind TENDEN, based in Grand Haven, MI.   Todd founded TENDEN in 2010 as a way to avoid consuming products made overseas in work conditions he did not believe in. Todd started with jeans and dress shirts. The products he designs and makes all depend on the mood he is in when he walks through the studio door. Todd could be making this amazingly different Backpack, th… [Read More]


Where do you find your America?

"I find America at the start of everyday, over a cup of coffee, when I get to choose who and what I want to support, and where my day wants to take me. It is one of the most rewarding feelings to be able to choose not to support beliefs that don't sit well with me. One of them being, fast fashion, mass production, sweat shops. It's the easiest thing to say "no." Not quite as easy was learning to make my wardrobe, but the payoffs are unimaginable."

Todd Hancock